Cookies made with love
by a mother and daughter
locally in New York City

Hi, I'm Penny Jane May!

Me and mom are always ready to make cookies to spread love to friends and strangers. We bake them ourselves but I like the decorating part better. Every holiday or when one of my or mom's friends have a party we make a fresh batch. Santa loved my reindeer cookies so maybe you'll like them too! I laugh everytime I get to hand out the cookies and see frowns turn upside down.

Hi, I'm Julie May!

Me and my daughter started handing out cookies in the park to inspire joy and spread positivity. We called our project Cookies For Love. Then people started asking for batches, so we created this cookie company where they could order from. Each order keeps Cookies For Love going!

We do classes!

After giving out 1,000s of cookies we decided to start teaching others how to make them. We love seeing their delight when creating something beautiful they can eat or give to friends and family. Anybody can join our classes, just sign up for our email list to learn when the next one is.

Decorate your event

We make custom cookies for all occasions. We work with you to create the perfect set, custom designed, and baked for your individual needs and preferences.